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Compliance is a cornerstone of our culture

Transworld Systems Canada takes a four-part approach to compliance. First, we work every day from the top to the bottom of our organization to instill a culture of compliance. Second, we have established a comprehensive compliance management system to ensure that compliance and quality are built into our technology and processes. We manage compliance with the same priority as anything else in our business. Third, while annual complaints are less than 1% of all accounts we manage, we ensure that our organization responds quickly and adequately to any and all such concerns. Fourth, we have an independent audit program to test for compliance with applicable laws and regulations, that policies and procedures are being followed and that behavior in our organization meets expectations.

Processes are important, but ultimately, we are in a people and relationship business. We continue to believe our people are our greatest asset. Through continuous training and education and a strong focus on client, consumer and employee satisfaction, we strive to ensure full compliance with all consumer financial protection laws and any related regulations. We provide professional, ethical and courteous service to the consumers we serve who want to discuss or inquire about their account, address a concern or pay a bill.