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Payment options offered by Transworld Systems Canada

Transworld Systems Canada offers a wide variety of payment options:

Transworld Systems Canada Branch Walk-ins

Make a payment with a debit card, cash, cheques, drafts and money orders at any of our locations during regular business hours. Click here for a list of locations.

Canada Post

If you have received a letter notification in the mail, forward your payment to the address on the remittance slip. Include the slip with your payment as well as your name, account number, and creditor's name.

If you are unable to locate your letter notification, you can still mail in your payment in the form of cheques, drafts or money orders. However, ensure your name and creditor's name are noted on your payment for timely credit to your account. Mail your payment to:

Transworld Systems Canada

1111-325 Milner Ave

Toronto, ON M1B5N1

Bank Transfer

All major banks and Caisses Populaires will transfer funds from your most convenient branch to the branch closest to Transworld Systems Canada. Consumers may deposit funds directly into an Transworld Systems Canada trust account.

Online Banking

Designate TSICO as a bill payee on your bank’s online payment system. Use the information on your letter notification to note account number and payee address.

Bank Payment

Our notices include a detachable stub which is bar-coded to enable payments at any chartered bank across Canada.