Single-source solution for utility companies

Deregulation in recent years has brought great changes to utility companies. Among other things, they have to handle more and more customer requests with existing or reduced staff.

Transworld Systems Canada goals

We give you excellent service in pursuit of our goals to

  • maximize your net return and accelerate cash flow;
  • reduce customer delinquencies and risk;
  • maintain the highest customer care standards;
  • deliver exceptional, personalized client service;
  • provide ethical and professional leadership within the utilities industry, and
  • serve the communities in which we live and work.

Transworld Systems Canada services

Transworld Systems Canada’s Utilities Division provides services in the following areas:

  • first-party customer care, credit-related calls and low-income customer management;
  • first- and third-party pre-collect and early-stage receivables management;
  • third-party receivables management: primary, secondary, tertiary and warehousing;
  • portfolio purchases;
  • analytics and scoring;
  • financial and location attributes, triggers, and watch products and programs, and
  • other customized programs including legal, notification mailings, letter design and more.


A partner that understands your challenges

Transworld Systems Canada understands the challenges of improving customer satisfaction and avoiding customer churn while coming up with ways to increase revenues. We create the seamless integration of utility solutions and provide first-party and third-party services for hydro, gas, water and sundry receivables.

Transworld Systems Canada uses its leading-edge tactical approach to ensure maximum collection of receivables and high customer retention. Transworld Systems Canada has years of successful partnerships with utility companies, providing innovative solutions for both industry-wide and company-specific problems in customer care and receivables management.

For more information on how Transworld Systems Canada can help your company with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at