Receivables management from Transworld Systems Canada

Countering bad debt for improved cash flow

Receivables management prevents outstanding receivables from causing cash flow shortfalls in companies of any size. It also reduces the amount of time you spend processing unpaid bills.

Regardless of your size – small, medium or large – Transworld Systems Canada offers you customized and systematic receivables management solutions. You benefit not only from our many years of experience, but also from the best practices of  international network. And while relying on our expertise, you can concentrate on your core business.

Transworld Systems Canada takes action at all levels in the recovery cycle

Whether you opt for the assignment of your portfolios or issue us a mandate for their management, Transworld Systems Canada helps you to secure your liquidity by providing sound expertise and custom-made solutions.

You can count on our tact and discretion. We take every step to represent you in a professional manner that will retain your customers and enhance your brand.

Transworld Systems Canada: receivables management experts you can rely on

Transworld Systems Canada has many years of experience in receivables management. We are among the leading debt collection companies in Canada and specialize in various fields such as financial services, telecommunications and government receivables.

Whatever your field of interest may be, ask us what we can do for you. We will happily answer your questions about receivables management.

Early treatment, prevention, default aversion

Stop the move to the next step of delinquency

The trained professionals at Transworld Systems Canada focus on your particular portfolio of accounts to meet your objectives. We design programs to keep accounts from moving to the next step of delinquency or to avoid write-offs by obtaining a payment or recovering defaulted accounts.

We can work with your customers to help with default aversion. The consequences of defaulting on a student loan, for example, are serious and wide-ranging. A default can jeopardize the debtor’s credit rating and financial future. We provide your customers with information and advice and offer a range of repayment options.

Transworld Systems Canada is committed to creating strategic solutions for your specific challenges. We offer you the most effective combination of our vast resources: the best people, latest technological innovations and most comprehensive services. Transworld Systems Canada is your single source for receivables management, including early treatment, prevention and default aversion.

First-party receivables management

We work with your customers in your name

Transworld Systems Canada staff members provide first-party receivables management in your name. Our experienced collection professionals make sure that your customers receive courteous, helpful service, ensuring that increased customer contact results in better collection rates and improved client satisfaction.

We contact your customers early in the collection process by means of customized call campaigns and letters designed to meet your needs. You can rely on our first-party receivables management while your employees focus on what they do best: keeping your company on track.

We help you win back customers

Revive long-term relationships

Transworld Systems Canada has programs in place to help you collect your receivables and win back customers who may have terminated services with you.

Transworld Systems Canada can work with you to set up a “win back” program aimed at re-establishing contact with former customers and regaining lost revenue sources.

Using proactive communications strategies, Transworld Systems Canada can help your company revive profitable, long-term relationships. Our approach to customer relationship management employs varied dialer strategies that allow us to

  • send messages based on customer activity;
  • use business rules and life events to trigger action, and
  • build long-term relationships through use of cost-effective communications strategies to engage customers.

Third-party receivables management

Solutions to fulfil your requirements

Transworld Systems Canada provides third-party receivables management at primary, secondary, tertiary and warehoused assignment levels, including purchased debt portfolios. We design our solutions to fulfill your requirements and customize letters, campaigns and reports to meet your needs.

Warehousing change notifications

Transworld Systems Canada is happy to tell you about warehousing change notifications and our effective solutions for your warehoused and dormant accounts. Please contact us for more information.

Debt purchase by Transworld Systems Canada can improve your cash flow

Selling your debt can secure your liquidity

Transworld Systems Canada makes debt purchases of all types of portfolios. We take on our client’s defaulting debts, for which out-of-court reminders have been sent and are already titled or subject to writs of execution, unsecured, or secured by movable goods or real estate.

As part of TSI, Transworld Systems Canada is able to leverage their long standing international experience in debt purchasing, as well as their financial stability.

We calculate the purchase price based on a random sample of your receivables and make you a realistic and fair offer. For example: you sell receivables secured by attachable assets.

A lot of banks are being adversely affected by the increasing number of “problem loans”. By hiring a specialist to handle bad debts secured by attachable assets, you can save time, energy and money while we deal with defaults in a professional manner.

Transworld Systems Canada has a full-service package to offer you. We assess collectible secured loans and unsecured loans for both residential and commercial properties.

Debt sales – your benefits:

  • We save you the time and expense of accounting.
  • We buy your receivables and you benefit from the positive impact on your balance sheet.
  • We process your receivables properly, thereby protecting your reputation.
  • We facilitate immediate cash flow for new investments.
  • We lighten your load so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  • We ease the burden on your dunning and legal departments.