Specialist in student loan recovery

Serving financial and post-secondary institutions and school boards

Transworld Systems Canada is a specialist in student loan recovery. We recover student loans, fees and sundry receivables for a variety of provincial student loan providers, financial institutions, post-secondary institutions and school boards.

A partner that understands your challenges

Transworld Systems Canada has focused on the collection of student loan debt for decades. Our success has resulted in continuous growth in campus-based private lending, provincial lending and guarantee agencies throughout the country. Our most important asset in handling the challenges of educational receivables is our experience, which provides key insight into the intricacies of student accounts, receivables collection and maintenance of student integrity throughout the collection process.

Transworld Systems Canada has a wide range of individual solutions to meet all of your needs from pre-collect and skip-trace programs and full collection activity for first, second and subsequent tiers, to litigation. We use our leading-edge tactical approach to assure our higher education partners that we will exceed their performance standards while maintaining their delicate relationships with individual students.


A partner that meets your needs

We take the time to understand your unique needs and goals and to customize short-term and long-term solutions. Understanding and customisation enable Transworld Systems Canada to provide services and solutions to both large and small higher education clients.

Transworld Systems Canada’s Education Division specializes in the particular demands of student loan recovery. With Transworld Systems Canada, you have a partner that knows how to serve you with knowledge, experience and top performance in a market driven by student satisfaction.

 For more information on how Transworld Systems Canada can help your educational institution with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at sales@tsico.ca.