Transworld Systems Canada is your single-source solution partner

Products and services in receivables management

As your single-source solution partner for responsive customer care and receivables management, Transworld Systems Canada helps you select from our menu of products and services. Together we can devise the best solution for you.

We will meet your receivable and financial service requirements to improve your cash flow. As a member of the TSI, Transworld Systems Canada can provide marketing information, risk evaluation, payment processing solutions and receivables management services.

Transworld Systems Canada is your single-source solution partner for innovative customer care and receivables management products and services including:

  • mailings, e-mail, phone;
  • dialer and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) programs;
  • accounts and data scrubbing;
  • credit bureau reporting;
  • scoring services: scores and score migration;
  • analytic services: predict customer behaviour;
  • skip location services;
  • triggers: changes in attributes;
  • letter hygiene, and innovative letter designs and mailings.

Dialing strategies that work

Mailings, e-mail, texting, Web, phone convey your message

Transworld Systems Canada’s innovative, high-quality dialing strategies, using our state of the art telephony, can make calls in your name or ours. Our call campaigns strengthen brand recognition, encourage customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. Transworld Systems Canada has the best technology, ensuring that you can always communicate with your customers.

We provide a wide variety of campaigns including outbound marketing calls, welcome and appreciation calls, reminder calls, retention and “save the sale” calls, accounts receivable calls and surveys.

Transworld Systems Canada can develop mailings and e-mails to effectively convey your message to your target audiences.

Integrated Voice Response and dialers

Keeping in touch with customers

Transworld Systems Canada uses a customized enterprise platform that integrates

  • outbound dialing;
  • inbound skills-based call routing;
  • 100% inbound and outbound digital recording and screen capture;
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) support for automated messaging;
  • integration to third-party collection software and PBXs, and
  • a set of quality monitoring, management and reporting tools.

State-of-the-art hardware and software
Our call centres use dialer options that include power, preview, predictive and TTS messaging. All (100%) inbound and outbound calls are recorded. The unified collector desktop streamlines the collection process, enhances efficiency and increases productivity.

Transworld Systems Canada’s telephony software and hardware are integral to all of our solutions. Our investment in multiple communication channels creates redundancy, so you never have to worry about being cut off from your customers. We effectively combine our technology with our service and collection professionals to establish and maintain communication with your customers with the goal of developing long-lasting relationships.

Accounts and data scrubbing

Access to best data available

Transworld Systems Canada uses a variety of scrubbing programs to make sure that we have the best data available. We can quickly and accurately assess the impact of financial situations and relationships. Do you need to identify customers who are bankrupt, deceased or incarcerated? Does your strategy involve contacting relatives or known associates?

Such data is critical to implementing the best strategy. Therefore, you are informed when your customers’ life situations change.

Credit bureau reporting

Credit bureau reporting is essential to good risk management. Transworld Systems Canada can and will report accounts to Equifax and TransUnion in compliance with client, regulatory and credit bureau requirements and restrictions.

Upon listing and then monthly, we will provide updates, respond to disputes and process deletions. Transworld Systems Canada can be in touch with credit bureaus at any frequency and in any manner required.

Through our association with credit bureaus, we can monitor changes to key attributes, including address, phone number, credit history or credit inquiries for otherwise dormant accounts. We can also place an account in a special active collection queue, which is assigned to agents experienced in dealing with the particular attributes we monitor.

Scoring services: scores and scoring models

Customized data for maximum resource utilisation

Using its proprietary scoring models, Transworld Systems Canada can customize behaviour, credit or recovery score data to meet your needs.

Do you want to know the probability of receiving customers’ payments or whether they might be interested in other services or products? Whatever your strategy, Transworld Systems Canada’s solutions maximize resource utilisation.

Analytic services help to predict customer behaviour

You can rely on our analytic services to identify potential customers, predict behaviour or maximize return on post-write-off accounts. Transworld Systems Canada’s Analytics Department can use historical, economic and business data to create appropriate models and strategies.

We’ll work with you to:

  • predict and avoid customer churn or default;
  • identify customers who are likely to pay or buy;
  • identify customers who are candidates for “win back” programs, and
  • determine the best time, method and location for communicating with your customers.

Skip location services fill gaps in your data

Transworld Systems Canada skip location services fill in gaps in your customer data. Statistics show that more than half the accounts annually turned over for collection have some “bad” information, including outdated addresses or invalid phone numbers. If you can’t locate your customers, you can’t communicate with them. Using exhaustive, ongoing search techniques and a variety of sources, Transworld Systems Canada provides “deep skip tracing” Transworld Systems Canada provides person locator services for your accounts to identify the best contact data.

Transworld Systems Canada keeps customer attributes up to date

In a customer-driven business, you need updated information on changes to attributes such as customers’ financial data or physical location. Transworld Systems Canada can track the changes in phone numbers, employment, addresses, open credit-to-buy, mortgages and more. Changes of this kind can indicate when a customer will buy, pay a delinquent account, or qualify for new services or products. Transworld Systems Canada can monitor customers’ accounts, track these triggers of attributes and work with you to ensure that the best strategies are in place.

Letter hygiene keeps your data up to date

Locate customers who have moved

Address scrubbing or “letter hygiene” makes sure that your message gets delivered to your customers.

Mail has to reach your customers in order to elicit a response. Transworld Systems Canada consults several databases to verify and update addresses and locate customers who have moved or are living with others.

Innovative letter designs and mailings

Innovative letter designs help to get your letter into your customers’ hands. Transworld Systems Canada will design eye-catching envelopes and inserts that will pique interest, make it to the top of the mail pile, get opened and read.

All notes and letters for third-party collections must comply with provincial collection agency accounts. Transworld Systems Canada can customize your letters within these restrictions to provide the most effective communications and achieve enhanced response rates.

For more information on how Transworld Systems Canada can help your company with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at