Innovative customer care menu of products and services

Transworld Systems Canada helps you select from our menu of products and services and works with you to find the best solution to meet your needs. Our innovative customer care includes:

  • Full call centre capabilities
  • New customer programs
  • Activations and verifications
  • Customer communication
  • Relationship management
  • Save the sale
  • Upselling

Virtual call centre capabilities with state-of-the-art technology

Transworld Systems Canada has a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network that provides true virtual call centre capabilities and disaster recovery services. Transworld Systems Canada also offers:

  • proven telephony and dialer technology;
  • proven organisation with a strong reputation, and
  • a centre that meets the most stringent security requirements of the private and public sector (government, telecommunications, banks).

Integrated customer service

We represent our clients professionally and efficiently

Transworld Systems Canada provides integrated customer service, acting as an extension of our clients in a professional and efficient manner. We see every customer contact as an opportunity to boost our clients’ bottom lines and enhance their brands. As we work to achieve all client benchmarks and key performance indicators, we comply with our own internal policies and adhere strictly to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Transworld Systems Canada manages and administers all programs from our contact centres in Canada with local employees. With our dedicated database servers located in Toronto, we keep personal information of our clients and their customers from crossing borders, thereby ensuring greater data security and privacy protection.

Our approach ensures

  • a smooth transition from the beginning and throughout the life of the client contract;
  • adherence to all legislative, client and Transworld Systems Canada guidelines, and
  • a high degree of professionalism that enhances both the client’s and Transworld Systems Canada’s brands.

Our National Client Services department addresses the direct needs of our clients, including

  • new client integration;
  • audit and compliance;
  • reporting and performance tracking, and
  • an ombudsman function and privacy issues.

Transworld Systems Canada's National Client Services department acts a single point of contact for all day-to-day issues and inquiries. Experienced, dedicated Client Service Representatives (CSR) take all client inquiries and issues, direct them to the appropriate department and ensure a prompt turnaround to the client. CSRs adhere to a standard of resolving general inquiries by the next business day.

Activation and verification for utilities and telecommunications

Risk management for wireless devices

Transworld Systems Canada works with telecommunications and utility companies to develop programs to activate customers’ wireless devices and/or services after verifying credit authorisation and payment of past due receivables.

Customer communication builds lasting relationships

Stay connected to your customers

Transworld Systems Canada’s innovative customer communication programs build quality, long-lasting relationships between you and your customers. Our professional staff provides best-in-class customer care to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

We specialize in complaint resolution, customer inquiries, retention and win-back programs, welcome calls and many other specialized services. Transworld Systems Canada has redundancy in place for all of our communication channels to ensure that you are always connected to your customers.

Resources dedicated to excellent relationship management

Responding to the needs of our clients

Transworld Systems Canada prides itself on providing excellent relationship management support. We invest time and resources required to understand the special needs of our clients. The Transworld Systems Canada organisation comprises independent divisions that serve specific industries. Our organisational plan calls for dedicated resources that concentrate on a particular assignment without overlapping into other areas in order to ensure focus that results in best-in-class service and performance.

Save the sale

Better customer service builds better relationships

Transworld Systems Canada can help you to collect your debts and still save the sale in the process. Our staff can provide you with customer surveys and campaigns and make calls on your behalf that will:

  • help your customers better understand your product or service, and
  • build relationships with your customers through better customer service.

Upselling to your customer base

Offer add-ons and upgrades

In addition to our many collection services, Transworld Systems Canada can help you by upselling to your customer base. We can offer your customers the opportunity to purchase upgrades to services or add-ons.

Transworld Systems Canada will work closely with you to determine the products to be included and develop scripts that our contact professionals can use to encourage your customers to participate. Studies have shown that it is significantly easier to make sales to existing customers than it is to make sales to new customers. Upselling can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line.

For more information on how Transworld Systems Canada can help your company with its customer care and accounts receivables services, contact us at